Friday, 26 August 2011

Strangers on Southbank

Went out hunting strangers with Tyla on Wednesday…. Fantastic evening, partly because Tyla is such a delight to be out with, but also because street photography is so much easier and fun when there are two of you. First time I have done strobist street photography & someone to hold the light makes it a doddle.

Stranger #15 - Chris, Teacher, originally uploaded by It's life Jim.....
Chris is smiling 'cos he just got out of changing a nappy. Instead I dragged him across to the edge of the river in front of the sunset.

Chris is a teacher & had just come back from Japan to meet old friends in the UK. He was with his daughter & Japanese wife. Hope they enjoyed their visit to London.

Saw Dax's cool glasses & knew I had to make an image of him. He and his girlfriend Lee Yee were browsing in the bookstore under Waterloo Bridge on Southbank.

This is Patricia, she was quietly contemplating the world go by while consuming one of the worlds essential food groups.

She works as an executive assistant in an investment banking firm.

A lovely girl & a delight to talk to.

Stranger with pipe, originally uploaded by It's life Jim.....

This is an old chap that was visiting London from up in Glasgow. He seemed to be having a nice peaceful time smoking his pipe & watching the river & the people pass by. I did ask his name, but completely forgot it since coming home.

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