Saturday, 29 January 2011

Brochure cover assignment - Still Life

Training assignment to do a "Still Life" to fit on an 8"x8" brochure cover.

We are to make an interesting, compelling photograph of something that is inanimate. Something to illustrate an article that is inside a magazine. The goal is to catch the eye and compel a closer look, or investigation into the brochure we are shooting for. The Brochure covers interesting discoveries in technology, design, "Green" processes and agriculture.

Spent more time thinking about what to shoot than doing the actual shooting.... Sometimes a wide open theme is harder to create for than a single defined specification.

In the end I went for 2 different approaches..... one a naturally lit, organic shot.... (the espresso & coffee beans shot above), and a hard clinical, metallic shot of kitchen utensils with hard artificial lighting (see below) as an alternative.

Personally I like the kitchen utensils one more, probably because it was harder to do & I thought the hard work paid off, but I got many more comments & faves when I published them on flickr for the espresso cup shot. Either way, pleased with them both.

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