Thursday, 27 January 2011


Word #15 - Commemorate, originally uploaded by It's life Jim.....
I decided to do a "professional" product shot of my watch. Fuck, but this was harder than I could have imagined.... 2 lights, multiple diffusers & reflectors & lots & lots of frustration.... There is still one reflection that bugs me but wtf!.....

So how is this a commemoration?..... I bought this watch from some of the dosh out of my fathers legacy..... always wanted a "proper" watch & decided that some of the dosh from his legacy should go towards something that was permanent & lasting. Been a few years now but I still think of him when I look at the watch... not every time... sometimes I just want to know what the damn time is.... But when I LOOK at the watch...... I think of my father.

24/365:2011 - 24th Jan
100 words: Word #15 - Commemorate
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